About Global Bird Photos


Born in 1944 in Renfrew, Ontario, he took his discharge from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1971 to open a camera store/wedding and family portrait studio in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. He wrote four books on British Columbia history - 'Fraser Valley Stories Illustrated', 'The Fraser Canyon Story Illustrated', 'The Cariboo Gold Rush Illustrated' and 'The Langley Story Illustrated'.

He co-authored a coffee table book with Isidor Jeklin in 1984 titled 'The Art of Photographing North American Birds'. In 2004 his company published the book titled 'Ann Meraw - Marathon Swimmer'.

Since 1990 Don has specialized in oblique (slanting) aerial photography. His company published the title 'Above & Beyond Vancouver Journal' in 2005.

Recently retired from the air photo business, he is now devoting his time to bird photography and collaborating with Damon Calderwood on the book titled 'Moments of Discovery Photographing North American Birds'.




As a young boy, Damon has always been interested in wildlife; he would search for frogs and other small creatures because he found them so colorful and fascinating. Majoring in Animal Biology, Damon graduated with a BSc. from UBC in 1991, and then went back in 1995 for an Education degree. Damon taught Science, Drama, and English at the secondary level for several years, but turned to acting as a career in 2002.

Damon has appeared in more than 100 plays and musicals, and has been in several films. He directs and does lighting design as well. In 2003 he formed Ace Productions www.aceproductions.ca with partner Gordon Roberts in order to create a small cast touring company. Their inaugural show was Tom Foolery in the fall of 2004.

While preparing to spend a month photographing wildlife in the jungles and cloud forests of Costa Rica in 1990, Damon met Don Waite. Don, already an accomplished photographer, introduced Damon to bird photography and they began a long-time working relationship. Don taught Damon how to photograph birds and, almost as importantly, to find their nests. In the summers of 2003 and 2004, with Don’s advice and assistance, Damon photographed birds in Dawson City, Yukon while working as an actor at the Palace Grand Theatre. During that time, Damon spent more than 600 hours photographing birds and returned with over 8000 pictures.

Damon plans to continue to photograph birds and other wildlife with the hopes of sharing nature’s often hidden beauty with others. He currently resides in Port Coquitlam, BC.

Damon collaborated with Don Waite in the production of the coffee table book titled 'Flights of Fantasy Photographing North American Birds'. It was released in the spring of 2008. He is now working with Don to do a second book titled 'Moments of Discovery Photographing North American Birds'.